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About Us.

Tyk Creative.

Design Studio


Tyk Creative is the brainchild of graphic designer Steve Tyler, after 10 years in the industry he decided to branch out and start his own design studio, thus Tyk Creative was born. Founded in 2009 in Nottinghamshire this innovative studio provides clients with an array of services ranging from Branding + Graphic Design to Illustration + Marketing, it’s as dynamic as they come. We understand that every client is unique but all share a common denominator, a need for a creative project that is distinct and impactful, we aim to provide a friendly and high-quality graphic design service and never shy away from a challenge. 

Not your ‘average’ studio/agency, our process includes a 1:1 service from start to finish and personal liaisons with our clients throughout their projects. The result is a multitude of cutting-edge design solutions that meet our clients needs. We invest time and effort in building relationships with you to fully understand your requirements, this is part of our ethos! We pride ourselves on our reliability and commitment to offering a prompt turnaround when you really need it. Check out our portfolio to get an idea of exactly what we do and who we do it for!

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